My Experience With A Private Holistic Chef | Lauren Mary Holistics | #YEG

A few weeks ago the lovely, warm and cheerful Lauren Mary came to my house and prepared a week's worth of food for my family to eat. I was relieved to not have to think about meal planning or cooking as I had just returned from Montreal. I find that even short trips away from home can set me off our normal schedule, and since time in the kitchen always seems to consume my days, having someone there to help support me in this way was a HUGE treat!

I heard about Lauren a few months ago and immediately became impressed with her enthusiasm for her work. Lauren's knowledge is vast and her passion for supporting and nourishing women and their families has led to her multifaceted business of Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, Birth and Post-Partum Doula as well as the founder of her new skincare line. The first thing I thought after my morning with Lauren was, "why the heck didn't I know about her after I had my babies?!" She is a dream of a post-partum doula, I couldn't imagine anyone better coming to your home to help nourish you as you settle into motherhood. 

In the weeks leading up to our meeting, Lauren had sent me a questionnaire so that all the food she was preparing would fit our dietary needs and usual eating habits. She then sent me a detailed shopping list of what food I would need to have, and I added most of it to my order from The Organic Box. This experience reminded me of how much money you save and less food you waste when you meal plan. I am now a born-again-again-again meal planner. 

I left Lauren to do her thing and took my youngest out on a date, when I came home a few hours later I had 3 freezer meals, 2 fridge meals and 2 huge salads. Everything she prepared for us was freaking delicious. My kids ate everything. My husband ate everything. That right there is a success in my books! I can't tell you the feeling of utter freedom when it's 3:30 pm and you're at the park with your kids and you get that sinking feeling inside your body like, 'oh shit, pretty soon I have to feed everybody, again' and then you remember that there's actually a complete, nutritious and fresh meal sitting in your fridge - all you have to do is cook it. 


I didn't take pictures of everything she made because, well, who has time to take pictures when you're kids are about to eat the walls? 

I'll definitely be keeping Lauren in my life - whether it's her knowledge on natural beauty or herbs or her amazing ability to nurture and support, she is a joy and privilege to know! I would HIGHLY recommend checking out her long list of services. 

AND if you're still considering trying The Organic Box, you can use the code "OrganicBunch" for $20 off your first order! 

***This is not a sponsored post. No gifts were recieved in the making of this post.  All opinions are my own.***