What Moms Actually Want for Mother's Day | Epic #YEG Giveaway!!

Mother's Day is a week away, and if you're anything like me, this is your favourite day of the year. I love Mother's Day so much because it's the only holiday that I feel I actually earned. My blood, sweat, tears and gigantic beating heart works every hour, of every day, to mother my two boys well; to notice my flaws, to grow, grow, grow, and try to sneak some big, expansive breaths in at the same time. In anticipation of Mother's Day, I've teamed up with the lovely River City Sisters to offer you (ahem, your partner) a list of things that we actually want. Some are things money can buy, and some are things that are priceless. Keep reading on because, yes, you guessed it - we will be giving away all the products mentioned in this post on Instagram! 

So without further ado, here is our Mother's Day Gift Guide:

1. To eat a meal in peace. To enjoy it seated at a set table with a little thought given to ambiance and actually be able to mindfully enjoy each bite - not standing up over the kitchen sink, not in a rush and not the food scraps from your children! We deserve more than leftover goldfish crackers and half-eaten apples! 

2. Speaking of food, we would love to spend less time grocery shopping/meal planning/cooking in general. It's a never-ending job and we all know the 4pm witching hour when our children turn on us and supper isn't ready yet. We care about the health of our children and want them to eat well, but it's very time consuming feeding a whole family! Which is why getting organic, local groceries from The Organic Box delivered to your door is such a life-saver. Supporting local farmers and not dragging your toddler through the grocery store? Yes Please! 

The Organic Box

The Organic Box

Melanie Auld + Jillian Harris necklace

Melanie Auld + Jillian Harris necklace

3. A Shopping Spree at Refinery Clothing Co. We know these are tough economic times and a lot of families have been affected. With what spare money you do have, I bet you're never spending it on yourself, especially since your kids just grew out of those clothes you bought them just two months ago! Us moms' deserve a little splurge every once in a while.  We do like items of clothing beyond black yoga pants and that tee-shirt that we wear everywhere. Sometimes a thoughtful, new purchase can make us feel good, and when mama feels good - everyone feels good! 

4. A Very Large Americano from Transcend Coffee. I mean, we moms basically have caffeine flowing through our veins, am I right? Between waking up in the middle of the night to feed little ones or change diapers, rising at the crack of dawn to whisk kiddos to school, or early morning sports practices, cooking, cleaning, driving, running all the errands - gosh, I'm tired just writing that out. I'd say we've earned the good stuff, wouldn't you agree?

5. A Bubble bath. By ourselves. For however long we want. Sans bath toys. With some delicious smelling oil or salts or bath bombs or whatever we can add to the water that make us smell good for once. Maybe we'll really go crazy and light a few candles and drink a few glasses of wine. We might even meditate, because there's actually enough quiet around that we can hear ourselves think. Just please make sure it's a completely un-interrupted, peaceful experience. 

6. A Fantastic bottle of Vino from Vines Wine Merchants. This goes hand in hand with number 5, don't you think? Red, White, Bubbles, Rose; we don't discriminate. Sometimes we need the mom juice at noon, sometimes we un-cork at night; whenever we do, we appreciate the drink of eternal life. Mom life ain't easy and a delicious bottle of fermented grapes (hey, those are good for your skin too, right?!) definitely makes the day easier. 

7. Sleep. That little 5 letter word is the key to our heart. I wish I could grant all the moms in the world cat naps and 7 hours of sleep a night, uninterrupted. You can make it happen (talking to you, Dads/Partners) - how about letting us sleep and awake on our own instead of to the voice of a child. #dreamcometrue And, if you want to go the extra mile, why not let us nap while we are at it? In the middle of the day. When the kids are awake - just this once. 

8. Doughnut Party. No explanation needed for this one. Those deliciously fresh, fluffly, melt-in-your-mouth round bundles of joy are sent from Heaven above. Legit. They look pretty, they smell good, they taste good and they make a damn fine Instagram post. Who doesn't want to join the doughnut party?!

9. Time Off. Once in awhile, for no apparent reason, with no set plans - we want to disappear. We want to go without worrying, without being called or texted (unless you're just sending us pictures of smiling kids and texts that read: Everything great here! Enjoy yourself! You deserve it!) and without being rushed. Maybe we will just go sit in a book store and browse. Maybe we will meet a friend for a drink. Maybe we will lay down in the grass and stare at the sky above. The world hasn't been our oyster like it used to be, we need to find some space for ourselves, we need to fill ourselves up so that we don't run dry for our family. 

10. Pura Botanicals. We all know how big my heart eyes are for the luxurious, natural, eco-friendly skincare line that my friend Lane created. To know Lane is to love Lane, and trust me when I saw that she takes the upmost care and attention to fill her product line with only the purest and best ingredients to be found. The Rolls-Royce of rejuvenating face oils is the Ambrosia Beautifying Complex that is specifically designed for post-baby skincare! This oil is luxuriously hydrating, fast-absorbing, and helps to boost the look of your skin, leaving a firm, glowing, silky-soft appearance. It's amazing colour is attributed to the Moroccan Blue Tansy oil - a skin product that looks just as good in the bottle as it does on your skin! 

And now for a giveaway!!

Because I get you, because I care about you Mamas SO much - I want to spoil you a little bit. I've partnered with the River City Sisters along with some amazing local businesses in Edmonton and we've got two amazing price packages to share! 

Package 1:
1/2 a dozen delicious doughnuts from Doughnut Party.
A $145 dollar "family favourites" box AND a $50 food credit from the Organic Box delivered to your door!
The luxurious Ambrosia Beautifying Complex from Pura Botanicals

Package 2:
A Melanie Auld x Jillian Harris necklace from Refinery Clothing Co.
A delicious bottle of Lafage Rose from Vines Wine Merchants.
$50.00 Gift Card to Transcend Coffee. 


Package 1 goes live on Instagram on Monday, May 8th and Package 2 goes live on Wednesday, May 10th. You can enter both (and get your partner to enter for you too!)

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