The Organic Box Edmonton | Organic Food Delivery YEG

I moved to Edmonton in May of 2010 and started looking for a summer job. I knew I wanted to work with a local business and because I had extensive experience in the food industry. A quick Google search led me to the Organic Box website. At the time, they were only a few months old and operating out of a small warehouse in south Edmonton. Danny and Miranda Turner, the founders of The Organic Box, welcomed me in and I set to work learning about our food supply chain, which vegetables were stored at what temperature and what the heck a kohlrabi is. I met farmers, packed food boxes and delivered said boxes. They were truly the first food delivery system in our city. I loved how tangible a difference I made through my work, knowing that families all throughout Edmonton were getting connected to their food.

The Organic Box has since moved into a 17,000 square foot 'food hub' within our city. Having since expanded outside of Edmonton to service centres such as Peace River, Hinton, Red Deer, Banff and Fort McMurray, the company is thriving. Danny hired Erin and Matt Paulson, former Blush Lane Organic heads, as co-presidents to help drive the company into the future. Seeing what the Organic Box has become today makes me feel so proud; proud of Danny and Miranda's drive and impeccable work ethic, proud of our local community and proud of what can happen when like-minded people get together to make a difference in our community. I love how the Organic Box has become such an Edmonton success story. 

So what is The Organic Box?

The Organic Box is a family of farmers, bakers, chefs, artisans, crafters and food enthusiasts working together to bring you the very best organic and natural foods from Alberta and abroad. A membership to The Organic Box means a commitment to buying your food from local farmers, who bring you farm-fresh, certified organic food across Alberta. The Organic Box brings people who eat food and people who make food, together. Every day, we work hard to push the limits and find new food family members, which is why we are host to Edmonton's largest and one of Western Canada's most successful food hubs.

I recently re-started my membership with them. It's as easy as online grocery shopping - you fill up your virtual box from their online catalogue and it will get delivered to you on your assigned delivery day. I find the interface pretty easy to use, and any question I did have with the ordering process was quickly and promptly answered by their customer service team. 

So - let's get real for a moment. If you're like me, as much as you'd love to eat as local and organic as possible, you simply cannot afford to. I get it - trust me, I get it. I'm not working at the moment and we are living off of a single income. Purchasing solely from The Organic Box isn't an option for us because we adhere to a tight food budget. However, I believe so strongly in who they are and what they are doing for the future of our food industry, that I can commit to a bi-weekly box. I choose carefully, filling my box with local meats, dairy and vegetables. The interesting thing that's happened is because I'm paying a little bit more for that food, I find we have been wasting significantly less and my kids are much more apt to try new food because they get so excited the day the box arrives. My children view the box as a big, surprise present and they adore helping me open it, unload the food and even want to help cook! I'd love for you to give them a try - to find out how great it feels to be connected to your food, your farmer and your local economy. 

If you'd like to try the Organic Box, use the code 'OrganicBunch20' at checkout for $20 off your order!

I'll be posting once a month from now on with recipes that I've created from my Organic Box ingredients! Can't wait to share - stay tuned!

Disclosure: I am a part of the Organic Box Ambassador program. I sought them out because I so believed in who they are that I wanted to support their growth. I am not paid for my participation, however, I do recieve food credits.