YEG Christmas Giveaway Day 9 | PLANTiful

Today I get to highlight the thoughtful and deeply passionate Amy Johnson, founder and owner of PLANTiful. Established in 2009, PLANTiful is a beautiful, artisan apothecary that creates natural and sustainable skincare products. All of their products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and purity. Their products are plant based and completely full of them; hence the name, plantiful. 

Amy grew up in eastern Ontario on an acreage with a large garden. They cared for their own honeybees and were often outside, picking bounty from the earth. At the age of 5, Amy was diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema. Her mother would make her a beeswax cream to keep her sensitive skin soft and moisturized. As she got older, she kept looking for products in the market that had the same beneficial effects as the cream her mother had made for her. She grew frustrated with dishonest labeling in the industry and began to create her own skincare so that she could be sure she knew exactly what was going into her skin. Eventually, crafting her own skincare turned into a passionate hobby, and then friends and family members began lining up wanting some for themselves. Her hobby soon turned into a small business as word of mouth spread about her unique, herbal skincare company. 

"We source our ingredients from other small organic businesses and farms as much as possible. We source our beeswax, honey, heritage oats from local farms. We sustainably forage for ingredients in the Edmonton area such as lilacs, wild rosehips, and mint. 
We plan out our products from the perspective of sustainability, looking at the full life-cycle of the product from ingredient sourcing, to production and packaging. We don’t stop there and want the customer experience to be awesome which is why we include items in our packaging like plantable soap wrappers that can be planted to grow wildflowers, making it a product that gives beyond its purpose. We are a small company and try really hard to keep our footprint as small as we can."

Today you win!

PLANTiful's Little Acorn Baby Gift Box which includes baby balm, baby massage oil and 100% pure castille organic olive oil soap. 

$5 District Cafe GC

$15 LOVE Pizza GC (Have you tried their new Montreal Smoked Meatza?! IT'S SO GOOD)

All of these lovely photos were taken by Marielle Elizabeth. Follow along her creative journey on IG!