YEG Christmas Giveaway Day 8 | Made Social Co.

Day 8 and it's a party in here! 

*Throws Confetti*

Made Social Co is the brain child of Andrea Hanki and Christine Shankowsky. These two ladies belong together; they are the sweetest, kindest people and everything they touch turns to magic. Actually, it just occurred to me that they probably work in Santa's Workshop because I can't imagine a Christmas wonderland without their authentic, magical touch. They curate modern craft workshops that are so aesthetically beautiful you almost feel like you just walked into a design magazine. What makes them special and stand out is not only their talent for making crafting accessible but their natural ability to bring people together. You might remember that I wrote about their amazing talent for creating community, here. 

Photo provided by Made Social Co.

Photo provided by Made Social Co.

Andrea and Christine recently created a mini version of their craft workshop, with all of the creativity, fun and craftiness all in one lovely box! Their limited edition (that's right, there's only a few of these left!) Embroidered Mini Banner Craft Kit includes everything you need to create your very own mini embroidered banner. I chose the kit with the saying 'Be Nice' as I think we could all use a little reminder of that daily. You might be thinking "Wait, I have to craft alone?! But I'll mess it up!" I promise you - if I can do it, you can do it. Thankfully Andrea and Christine are talented at making their crafts accessible to all of us [read: us who have two left thumbs and are regular contributors to the 'Pinterest Fail' website]. This craft kit is the person thing to hold you over until you're able to attend your next Made Social event. 

The best part? By winning this craft kit you are not only experiencing the genius of one Edmonton business but THREE! That's right; this kit features the exquisite hand lettering of Justine Ma Design and the quality craftsmanship of Forge & Fell. Now, let's get this party started! 

Photo provided by Made Social Co.

Photo provided by Made Social Co.

Today you win:

The Embroidered Mini Banner Craft Kit by Made Social Co.

A $5 District Cafe GC (Seriously, these guys are amazing)

A $15 Juniper Bistro & Cafe GC 


All photos shot and styled by Marielle Elizabeth unless otherwise noted! She's the best, I love her. Follow her on IG

Contest closes Dec 14th at 9am! Local pickup only.