YEG Christmas Giveaway Day 7 | Berg & Betts

Day 7 is here! Thanks for being patient with me while I took a little break from the Giveaway. I'm so ready and excited to give this absolutely beautiful Berg + Betts watch to one of you lucky people! Jessie Atkins, the founder of Berg + Betts, is such a sweet soul and she truly made my dreams come true when she agreed to contribute a watch to my giveaway. 

I'd had my eye on a Berg + Betts watch for a few years.  I have always loved the story of how they started and how they've since grown. Jessie made my whole month when she surprised me with not one but two watches; one for me and one for you! I did a happy little dance of joy. I've never received anything from blogging and I'll forever treasure this watch as not only a beautiful, well-crafted accessory but also as a piece of encouragement to keep writing, exploring and connecting with my community. 

Now, let me tell you why I wholeheartedly appreciate this company. Berg + Betts believes you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Sustainability is a buzzword these days and navigating the world of ethical fashion can leave anyone confused. I adore how Berg + Betts simplifies it for us by being a brand that is open and transparent about their practices. They create timeless (no pun intended) products that are not only beautiful in style and functionality, but also use materials that we can feel good about. Berg + Betts crafts every watch out of surplus leather off-cuts that would otherwise go to waste. As they say:

"You know, we are talking about those small pieces of new leather that fall to the floor as a shoe or purse maker cuts out their pattern. Since watch straps require such a small amount of material, we are able to collect these scraps of designer leather from factories around the world and transform this still new "waste" into fashion forward timepieces. Basically, instead of producing textile waste, we utilize it! The fashion industry is one of the largest waste producers in the world so you can rest assured that each purchase of a BERG+BETTS timepiece is you doing your part as a responsible consumer."

Something that is very important to me is knowing that the workers creating my fashion were treated fairly and paid a living wage. I have recently learned how to ask companies about their manufacturing practices and I've changed my shopping habits to only support companies that are setting the bar higher for the workers. I find it startling that this kind of exploitation happens in the world; especially since if anyone was trying to make us to work for less than minimum wage would we give them the a resounded 'Hell No'. I believe by supporting people like Jessie who have created a company that not only cares, but is proactive with their practices and are actively changing a broken system, we are saying 'Hell No' on behalf of the workers who aren't able to say it for themselves. 

Fashion + Social Justice? YES PLEASE. 

Today you WIN:

A Berg + Betts watch, this one, to be exact. 

A $15 Juniper Cafe & Bistro GC (this place is a true Edmonton gem, seriously! The food is amazing and the service is even better).

A $5 District Cafe GC (Because, coffee). 

All photos were shot and style by Marielle Elizabeth. Marielle is who I wish I was when I was in my 20s. If she's this awesome already, I can't even image who she will be in her 30s. Follow along her journey on Instagram