YEG Christmas Giveaway Day 6 | Shop The Skinny

Day 6 is here and that means that this giveaway is halfway over! I'm a little bit sad already, I love give you all these Edmonton goodies! Thankfully, today I can talk about Shop The Skinny, because that will definitely cheer me up. This incomparable little store is filled to the brim with everything that will make your kid the coolest kid on the block. Seriously. In fact, we all became so jealous that our kids looked better than us that Erinn, the owner of Shop The Skinny, started manufacturing her own line to create adult sized versions of favourites - like the 'Erinn Cardigan' which makes me swoon. 

Located in the well-loved Mercer building, Shop The Skinny finds it's home in Vacancy Hall; which is basically where all the cool kids hang out. I promise if you even just set foot into this place you will leave at least 10% hipper than you were before you entered. It makes sense that Erinn would set up shop here because she's been trail blazing cool since 2014, the year Shop The Skinny was born. 

Erinn is one of the most hard working female entrepreneurs I've ever met. She somehow manages to run her store while having 3 little boys at home; 2 of which are twins! She opened Shop The Skinny a MONTH before her twins were born. Just let that sink in a little bit. The only thing that could make a woman that crazy is pure passion; and Erinn is a remarkably passionate person. Every time I've see her, she excitedly shares the newest project she's working on, all the while managing to greet me with a bright smile and an easy laugh. She's a gem to know and I love supporting her and all of her very hard efforts to bring unique, cool and great quality items within our reach. Her shop highlights small, emerging Canadian talent and also brings us large and popular Worldwide brands that aren't easy to access in Alberta. 

Erinn has not only managed to outfit our children in the cutest threads, but she's also done a stellar job of creating a community. Her customer base is everything to her, and you can often find her thinking up ways to bring people together to make us all feel connected. She really cares. That's the best part about shopping local and supporting businesses like Shop The Skinny; no other kid's clothing company is going to care as much about who your child is and be so excited when they see you going on adventures decked out in their products! Erinn often highlights the cuteness of her customer base to help propel her business forward; because she understands the personal and intimate connection that there is between business owner and customer and I've never seen her take that for granted. 

I'm so excited that one of you today will get to experience this shop for yourself! I know you'll love it. 

Enter Below To Win

$50 Gift Card to Shop The Skinny

'The Robin' pillow

$5 Gift Card to District Cafe 

$15 Gift Card to Juniper Cafe & Bistro

Contest closes Dec 9th at 9am. Local Pickup only.

All photos are shot and styled by Marielle Elizabeth! Follow her daily on Instagram