YEG Christmas Giveaway Day 3 | Pura Botanicals

When I first stepped into the Pura Botanicals studio on 124th Street, I felt like I had entered another world. It's hard to believe that a busy, whirling, city life is just on the other side of the door when you are surrounded by such tangible calm and beauty. Every single inch of their space is beautiful; so thoughtfully curated and such a true representation of who they are and what they create. Lane Edwards, the founder, and creator of PURA, is a delight. You can't help but constantly look at her; she moves gracefully around her shop, cheeks rosy and her smile bright. She uses terms like 'potions' and 'beauty rituals' in ways that truly make me consider what that means and why it is important. A true, hopeless romantic; her favourite book is Romancing The Ordinary, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. The book inspires you to rediscover and savor the simple splendors and sensual experiences in everyday life. Knowing these little facts about Lane makes it easy to see how life led her to this very spot; a green beauty entrepreneur that champions sustainability and elevates other women by appreciating natural, individual beauty.  

Her passion for PURA is contagious. From an early age, Lane was fascinated with potions and the healing power of nature. She went on to explore the world, spending time in France learning about perfuming, and eventually lived in Australia where she studied aromatherapy and their native bush flower essences. Lane's degree and background are in corporate branding and communications, which led the way for her to empower women through healthy living and take her handcrafted, natural potions out into the world. 

PURA has a product for every body; every skin type, every concern. The Overnight Watermelon Mask is definitely a fan favourite, which is obvious when you experience the mask yourself. This luxurious, soft pink concoction feels like silk on your skin. I purchased a bottle not that long ago and have been so obsessed with the texture and feeling of the product. You need to use such a small amount to receive such great results. I would consider this mask a must for all Alberta women (and men!), as our skin takes a beating during these long, dry winters. 

What I love about PURA is that this beautiful, thoughtful and natural company is all ours! It feels so good knowing that this level of quality is being created in our city. I implore you to carve out the time to go visit this shop. You most definitely will not regret it. 

In today's giveaway you win:

Overnight Watermelon Mask by PURA Botanicals

$5 District Cafe gift card

$15 Rostizado gift card

All photos are shot and styled by the lovely Marielle Elizabeth. You can find her on Instagram, too! 

Photo By Marielle Elizabeth

Photo By Marielle Elizabeth