YEG Christmas Giveaway Day 12 | Sugared & Spiced

The final day is here! It has been extremely fun telling the story of my favourite Edmonton businesses with you over these past 11 days. I wanted the last day to be very special and was so excited when Amy and Jeff Nachtigall, the genius creators of Sugared & Spiced, agreed to partner with me. Amy has quickly garnered thousands of fans and well-deserved attention for her timeless, creative and delicious baked goods. Most known for her breathtakingly beautiful cakes, Amy has a talent for taking baked goods to the next level in a completely unpretentious way. Her work is creative, playful and skillful and leaves everyone just wanting more caketo the point that a Cake Club was born. 

Sugared & Spiced goes beyond cakes, cookies and delicious things made of butter and sugar. They are connecting families and friends together at weddings, baby showers and birthdays all across our city. They are the smile on a child's face when they see a big, epic cake in the shape of a unicorn and they are that moment of delight when you taste something that is even more delicious than it looks. Amy doesn't take her role lightly and the amount of care and passion she puts into each one of her baked goods is a direct result of her love for people and desire for their celebration to be one worth remembering. Amy is just as sweet and friendly on the inside as the baked goods she creates and that just puts the icing on the 'Why We Love Sugared & Spiced' cake.

 Sugared & Spiced is the exemplification of how a small, family-run business can grow and be nurtured by its community. They are ours and we are theirs and the proof is in the numbers! Amy and Jeff just recently had the most successful Alberta BoostR crowdfunding campaign in history by raising over $51,000 to help open up a store front. They were supported above and beyond their original ask and it's easy to see why. Amy and Jeff went from selling cookies at farmers markets to having their cakes proudly standing on many of our tables at our most important events. Their growth was fast and steady and now they need a place that can suit their growth. 

Their vision for the brick and mortar store is a community hub that allows customers to interact with their baker. They want you to "Experience a uniquely Edmonton kind of place with delicious and beautiful things you won't find anywhere else. Customers will be a part of the family and feel the love and warmth through fresh, made-from-scratch baked goods." With an anticipated opening of Spring 2017, let's just say that a lot of us cannot wait to sit down and share a slice of celebratory cake while we look at what is sure to be a beautiful bakery that we are proud to call an Edmonton original. Sugared and Spiced is our collective success story and that is definitely somthing to celebrate. 

Today you win!

An 8" EPIC CAKE from Sugared & Spiced

A $15 Love Pizza GC - Huge thank you to Gavin & Braede, the lovely, hardworking and passionate owners of Love Pizza for constantly giving and pouring into our community. Edmonton is a better place because you are in it!

A $5 District Cafe GC - District, you have given a piece of yourself every day in this giveaway and you've made 12 Edmontonians very happy, caffeinated people. Thank you so much! 

Contest closes Tuesday, Dec 20th at Midnight!

BIG thank you to Marielle Elizabeth for taking all of the beautiful photos and being the best gal around. Go follow her on Instagram so you don't miss out on any of her amazing adventures and wise words.