YEG Christmas Giveaway Day 11 | Poppy Barley

YEG Christmas Giveaway Day 11 | Poppy Barley

! ! ! Poppy Barley ! ! !

There, that's the end of the post. 

But really, Poppy Barley is a company so full of personality, thoughtfulness and creativity that it's difficult to write down who they are. Poppy Barley is trailblazing a new path for the fashion industry all the while remaining connected and true to it's vision and customer base. The more I learn about the history of Poppy Barley, who they are and their vision, the closer I come to throwing myself on their doorstep and asking (cough, begging) if I can be their Girl Friday. Poppy Barley is truly special and it's not to often I wholeheartedly buy into a company the way I have with them. 

'It's just shoes.' You might be thinking. 'What makes them so special?' You ask. 

I bought my very first pair of Poppy Barley ankle boots this fall. These ones, to be exact. I can honestly tell you that I have never, not once, ever owned a pair of boots this comfortable. I'm not really a heel girl; let's get real, I spend my days chasing after kids and walking from the park to the library to swimming lessons. Comfort is the #1 priority for me because I don't have time for sore feet. I've lived a full week chasing after a toddler in these. So when they say 'Shoes To Live By' they meant it. There's nothing I respect more than follow through. At the base of Poppy Barley, they create products that are truly amazing quality. 

But Poppy Barley is more than that. 

Poppy Barley was founded by two sisters, Kendall and Justine, who built their business upon the idea that women should have access to luxury products at attainable price points, and an elevated customer experience through transparent manufacturing. In fact, their transparency is what drew me in to their brand. They openly talk about their factories and their ethical manufacturing processes. They pay, on average, 5 times above the regions minimum wage ensuring that their workers are earning a living wage, as well as health, vacation and sick benefits. In an industry that has exploited for a very long time, it shows the heart and dedication that Poppy Barley has to changing the conversation about why and how we purchase. They are connecting their customers to smart, quality products that you can feel proud of owning. 

I don't know about you, but I love a good story. It's a very special thing when you are able to engage in dialogue about what you are wearing. When the comments about your shoes move beyond a sale price to the story of how they came to be, the city they were made in, the manufacturing processes and why these details matter; you'll feel more appreciative of the craft and more likely to be satisfied over the long term. 

I've recently made a lifestyle change to own fewer, better items. Items that will last for years, that are well-made and are created by people that I believe in and want to support. There is no greater example of this than Poppy Barley. You can feel the difference, all the way down to the finest detail. I feel so grateful that Poppy Barley agreed to participate in this giveaway and I feel even more grateful that I get to play Santa and gift one of their luxury products to YOU!

Today you win:

A Poppy Barley Make-up Bag Set in Black and Silver

A $5 District Cafe GC 

A $15 LOVEPizza GC

Contest Closes Sunday, Dec 18th at 9am MST. 

All photos are shot and styled by Marielle Elizabeth. Check her out on Instagram! 

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